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US, Swiss, United Kingdom and Cayman Islands investors

Notice to Swiss residents: The collective investment schemes described on this website (the "Funds") have not been approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (the “FINMA”) for distribution to non-qualified investors pursuant to Article 120 para. 1 to 3 of the Swiss Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes of 23 June 2006, as amended (“CISA”). Furthermore, the Funds do not fulfill the conditions of Article 120 para. 4 CISA for distribution to qualified investors. Accodringly, the Funds and / or units in the Funds must not be offered and must not be distributed in Switzerland and the content of this website is only addressed to existing investors in the Funds. Investors in the Funds do not benefit from the specific investor protection provided by the CISA and the supervision by the FINMA over collective investment schemes that have been approved for distribution.
Notice to US, UK and Cayman Islands residents: The products and services described hereinafter are not available nor offered to US persons and may and will furthermore not be publicly offered to persons residing in the United Kingdom, the Cayman Islands or any other country restricting the offer of such products or services.

No reliance/no offer or advice

The information herein may be based on estimates and may in no event be relied upon. Horizon21 does not assume any liability with respect to incorrect or incomplete information (whether received from public sources or whether prepared by itself or not). This material does not constitute a prospectus, a request/offer, nor a recommendation of any kind, e.g. to buy/subscribe or sell/redeem investment instruments or to perform other transactions.


The investment instruments mentioned on this Website involve significant risks including the possible loss of the amount invested as described in detail in the offering memorandum(s) for these instruments. Investors should understand these risks before reaching any decision with respect to these instruments. Past performance is no indication of guarantee for future performance.

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